random thoughts before research

Random thoughts before research on the topic, “The Last Flower”


The last flower of its kind.

The last lap of its life. Documenting the last reminds me of the transience of life, fragility and as if every life should have the opportunity of personification.

What if the flower is a person who recalls? And I am someone who interviews and accompany this person through the last stage of her life?

How is it so that there won’t be another of the same kind? What can the flower tell us about their story?

If we were to record a person before death, what are the ways best to document every bits of this person?

Preservation. Preserving memories, smell, weight. Maybe even the temperature.


Before I leap into reading about artist documentation methodologies and symbolism in flowers, life etc. I recall the sense of liberty while cycling through the foliage at high speed. The experience of rejuvenation, awed by the wonders of nature. Lessons of transience that flashes through my mind. .

Nature taught me more than what is in the books.



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