Birth, life, death

Been into reading up on Mahayana Buddhism (that I have yet to post) concerning the symbolism of the lotus flower.

Lotus symbolizes rebirth. And according to general explanations, lotus grow out from the mud in the pond with pure white/pink colors.

What I was thinking is to have the final outcome of the project to relate, not in realism but against our world, to bring the lotus back to life from death.

But in actual fact, it may line up with the teachings in buddhism that even the ugliest or the worst can be changed into something beautiful… if you give them a chance. So if I give the chance to the last flower an opportunity of rebirth, will that still be the last flower?

Or in reality, the last flower had sacrifice to the teaching of rebirth to the readers.

All living things consist of 3 simple rules: Birth, Life and Death.

It is the rhythm of all life no one can avoid. I believe not even god can avoid. If according to this graph, the core idea is that life is celebrated. not birth.

Birth is an entry point to life. Birth is an event while Life is a process. Perhaps without reading through or understanding my last flower, the viewer will bring away the idea of rebirth, or birth. But if the project convey a message about the importance of process, “how did the lotus lived to tell us about how to be a good person” or “staying positive”. Viewer walks away with something that echoes with their experiences, not just about the flower or birth. (not even something religious)

Inevitably, if I were to tackle “the last flower” against the nature, upwards against the curve, it is a doubly hard process to even start than to achieve.

All laws of emotions, life, feelings, momentum work more or less based on the same rhythm. We have peaks of happiness and valleys of depression.

For the first step, lotus will teach no one but me to roll on the peaks under the sky. It is a discourse between my mind and the lotus’ heart.

From a free thinker point of view to understand beyond birth, life and death…. freeing away from the mind of concern, worries and form.


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