Makoto Azuma- artist florist

Makoto Azuma has staged Mother Nature, and his unique vision makes us think twice about the subtle connectivity of his work. In his laboratory-cum-boutique in Tokyo, Makotot Azumo arranges haute-couture bouquets for a clientele that are becoming increasingly addicted to this ‘must haves.’ Prolific in his work, Azuma also likes to invest in places: Ark Hills, a former printing house that he rechristened AMPG (Azuna Makoto Private Gallery), 21-21 Design sight in Tokyo, the Cartier Foundation and Colette in Paris, and public baths on the Museum Island of Naoshima. He has collaborated with fashion designers such as Martin Margiela and Issey Miyake, as well as with labels like Adidas, for whom he designed the logo for a limited edition tennis series. Milan, Paris, New York, Düsseldorf…flower power is taking over once again thanks to Makoto Azuma and his botanical sculptures. At 34 years old, this florist has been honored with an invitation to the Japanese pavilion for the Shanghai World Exhibition next May. Another high-profile, international event for Azuma-sama.



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