Symbolism of lotus flower

Lotus flower has been often been described as the most exquisite wishes of the Mother Nature for the mankind. The importance of the lotus flowers is so great for the mankind that many traditional and spiritual meanings have also been attributed to them. The lotus flower meanings hold in themselves the secrets of happiness and cheerfulness.

The lotus flower basically symbolizes the clarity of heart as well as the mind.  In other words the Lotus flower represents strength, good luck, long life as well as honor and respect. Some scholars have even talked of the lotus flower being a universal representation of the spiritual presence in human lives.


Below are some descriptions of the lotus flower in different cultures.

Indian lotus flower

According to the Indian culture the lotus flower denotes prosperity knowledge and learning, fruitfulness and illumination. According to the Hindu mythology, the lotus flower is associated with Goddess Lakshmi, the goddess of wisdom and generosity. She is often portrayed as sitting on a completely blossomed lotus that gives a sense of purity to her form.

Eastern lotus flower

The Lotus flower is viewed as a representation of spirituality according to the eastern culture. The lotus flower is often viewed as a symbol of aspirations to rise towards the light as the roots of the lotus flower has its roots in the mud but it grows in the upward direction.

Egyptian lotus flower

According to the Egyptian culture the lotus flower symbol was known by the name of ‘Sesan’. As per the mythology of Egypt the lotus flower symbolized the sun as well as formation and revival.

Christian lotus flower

The lotus flower is a representation of piousness and fertility. The lily flower in the Christian culture basically replaces the lotus flower. The lily flower according to the Christian culture is associated with Mary who is known as the queen of heaven.

The lotus flower basically represents holiness, good wishes, purity and positive energy.


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