In denial

Flowers are like us. They are expressive and often show emotions if we look closely enough.

Besides the cross section of the stem that really turn the project into a whole new direction, this denial petal was also quite remarkable (I think…) I have this weird habit of viewing objects or things with faces or expressions, and smile to myself when I saw it. And with that perception, I accidentally spotted a denial face on the petal.

(btw, wordpress love to disfigure my photos. the petal suppose to be longer like the above sketch. Not fat like the photograph you see up there =( )

Below are some writing during that day of recording:

It laid flat on my table. Disfigured. As if gasping for air. I could barely make out things at the core of the flower. It is in total darkness. The top portion of the stem is charcoal black. I plucked down a piece of dried petal and rub the texture onto paper, hoping to record traces of the lotus, but failed.

But wait a second. This piece of crumpled dried petal has a facial expression. Pouting with wide lips and closed eyes, slightly showing an expression of denial. I photographed it and shall use detail pencil sketch to record.


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