White space can often seen as useless and often that white space are sub conscious element in layout and designs that one can hardly notice. But in fact, they are as important as the content itself.

White space is what makes a design stand out. or rather, different. it sets a tone in the piece of work.

Living in the world where information is accessible every second, anyone can almost reach you even when you don’t want to. So I can describe that the white space is getting smaller and smaller. Emotionally if we were to put ourselves on a piece of text, we will look completely cluttered with content. Where is that breather? where is the focus for all these content? how do I know where I am? what is the purpose of reading/viewing?

From a serious point of view, what is the focus in life? what is the most important thing that I should attend to?

I would like to bring up the analogy that introspection is like white space.
It is a necessity.

Introspection help us become aware of what thinking we are thinking. It helps us understand our condition better, which can be translated to a white space where we can understand a piece of design or writing better.

Sometimes when introspection starts running, it is very annoying to have someone slamming a question at you that you have to withdraw from that thoughts you are at. It is as if when you are into a good book and at the climax when someone just blurb out something at you and wants your attention immediately. Since introverts do introspection a lot more than extroverts, I am not surprised that introverts do get very bothered by such experience. And being introverted, we don’t verbalized them other than leaving us very angry about why we are reacting in this manner.

why can’t people respect and be more considerate about stepping into the white space of others? (does it got to do with the society?)

Text are like extroverts, talking to you, waving and speaking non-stop. But without the white space(introverts) around those text, how can we even see the text? how can extroverts become the center of attraction?

People celebrate how good a piece of writing is. But how many are aware of the subtle good typography (aka good design of white space) design?

science article about introspection in brain


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