Day Jobs vs Side Projects

part of a repost about day job vs side projects via Scotthyoung

Side Projects Force Productivity
I’ve also noticed I’m far more productive on side projects than on anything I consider my “day job”. I’m measuring here work done per hour of time spent working or thinking about the project.
When work is your day job, it is always there. It looms in the back of your mind, filling you with guilt whenever you take a break and demanding to be finished. You can mediate these effects, but they’re still there.
A side project, by contrast, is the fun part. It’s the recess from your regular work where you get to do something fun instead of something responsible. I can remember working on side projects where the moment I sat down I would be completely engaged until I was dragged away. Such moments are rarer when you have the entire day to contemplate a task.
While the overall time is limited to a side project, the productivity per unit of time goes up.

Side Projects are More Interesting
Side projects are more interesting, and not simply in being more interesting to work on, but in being more interesting in terms of results. If I’m doing a project for my day job, it may be boring at times, but it always feels necessary.
Because your after-hours work is pursued because it’s fun, the criteria shift for working. Instead of doing things that need to be done, you do them because they are challenging and interesting. While this can occasionally produce frivolous items, it rarely produces anything boring.
Perhaps the secret to truly interesting work can be to never put yourself in a position where working on it becomes a necessity (so that interestingness itself must drive you).

Read the full post for more insights.

personally I think jobs add negativity to our moral (most of the time) and its through the joy from side projects that we can find back the purpose and passion.
I started countless side projects but none of them ever last through half a year or even a month.. just because they seem like a waste of time or procrastination from actual job/work.


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