A little observation

Did my first round of observation yesterday (weekend) at Jurong East MRT from 1pm-2pm and City Hall MRT from 2.30pm-2.50pm, recording down the personal space between the people sitting on the platform “bench”. And also observing the objects with them, relationship with the people around them and hoping to find out what causes their behaviours.

What I can briefly conclude that woman tend to sit closer to woman and man will choose to sit closer to man.
Foreigners (commonly stereotyped as Bangladesh) tend to stand in front of the “bench” and not sit down (but takes up that space that people cannot sit down there)
People are more likely to orientate towards the direction where the train will be coming.

After tabulation, 17 females and 19 males were recorded. With 20+ and 30+ as majority.
The City Hall MRT observation might be scrape because of one sided outcome. (14 females, 2 males) and due to some other environment reasons.

Will derive more from the scribbles I made during the observation.


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