Personal space

A Brief for the project: Personal Space

Based on the concept of white space, the project focuses on personal negative space in the public between strangers. For example the distance between people when they sit on a public seat (without division) on MRT platforms and shopping area.

The core of this project was inspired from the interest in observing how people move and behave in a shared public space. There is often a lack of awareness in respecting the private space of the people around us in the public space and this reflects on the socio-culture and the fusion of multi-cultural habits in Singapore.

There might be a presence of culture dilemma in Singapore as the society is made up of people from different countries. Even among Singaporeans, there is a difference of eastern and western culture influence between the old generation and the new generation.

It will start off by looking at different age group of the people in public and recording the distance of personal space between people at different situation. With the data collected, I hope to obtain a pattern where I can create hypotheses to decode what is the cause of these differences in behavior of in the public.

Qualitative research: based on participant observation in actual spaces
Method: Set out the scenario case and age group characteristics.
Words related: Proxemics, social behaviour, insensitivity, socio-cultural, civilised, respect.


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