The 50 Things Every Graphic Design Student Should Know

Everything that I came across these days seem to always fit in to what I am facing during crunch time.

An interesting post with cute visuals describing 50 messages. It is not easy to come up with theory like that. And it is even harder to work out visuals that enhances the content…
Here are my top 5 likes out of the 50. I think they just fit in to my current state of despair and stress from crunch time.

10. Listen to your instincts.
If your work doesn’t excite you, then it won’t excite anyone else. It’s hard to fake passion for mediocre work – scrap it. #the50

32. There’s no such thing as a bad job.
Always push yourself to do your best. Logically, there’s no way you can be dissatisfied with ‘having done your best’. #the50

38. Do not underestimate self-initiated work.
Clients get in touch because of self-initiated work. Ironically, business is excited by ideas untouched by the concerns of business. #the50

44. If you’re going to fail, fail well.
Being ambitious means you have to take on things you think you can’t do. Failures are unfortunate, but they are sometimes necessary. #the50

50. Don’t take yourself too seriously.
Take your work seriously, take the business of your craft seriously, but don’t take yourself seriously. People who do are laughed at. #the50

See all of them here


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