Personal Space final

personal space

Everyone is talking about time management these days and warnings about balancing between research vs execution and also making things work.
Learning to enjoy our own project process is important too. But the word “FYP” will just put all enjoyment aside. no. it wont be a fyp project but more of finding out something I want to know, and sharing it with people through visual communications.

Someone discussed about how projects should first catch people’s attention with something awesome first so that people will move to look further into the process journal, methodology, research…and finding out what it really is. It just don’t only work in the arts and design industry, but also in business, science… all fields.
In the mist of all the mugging and researching, I kind of forgotten that common people don’t look at how much work you have done to determine how good the project is. They look for something that interest them and relate to them. Then they grasp the general concept of the project, influence how they think and remember them when they leave.

ooohhh.. too much to handle.


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